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Crawl Space Containment

Your crawlspace is probably the most hidden and remote part of your home. It is dirty, damp, full of spiders, insulation, ductwork and smells like dirt. However. a small problem in the crawlspace can grow into a huge problem before anyone even notices.  It is so isolated from the rest of the home that many homeowners never even venture into their crawlspaces and have no idea how important this area is to the overall performance and health of their home.

 Does Your Crawlspace Have These Problems?

Mold growth or rotting wood framing

Mold growth or rotting wood framing

Sweating on ducts and AC equipment

Sweating on ducts and AC equipment?


Sweating on Insulation and Pipes?

Sweating on Insulation and Pipes?

Is it simply damp, dark, dirty & nasty space?

Is it simply damp, dark, dirty & nasty space?

Does Your Crawlspace Cause These Problems?

Warped or Buckled Hardwood Floors?

Warped or Buckled Hardwood Floors?

Klosed-Krawl Pic

Klosed-Krawl™ Solves All These Problems!

Your Crawlspace Could Look Like This!

Klosed Krawl Crawlspace ContainmentBenefits Of The Klosed-Krawl System

A properly closed and lined crawlspace locks out damaging moisture and maintains controlled humidity levels year round.
The crawlspace becomes a much cleaner and drier  environment that is unfavorable to wood destroying insects, mold, wood decay fungus, dust mites and other allergens.

  • Klosed Krawl Crawlspace Containment Summertime humidity levels in the house living space above also drop, leading to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Radon gas levels in the home usually drop as well.
  • Hardwood floors stop cupping or warping as the humidity levels are moderate and similar on both sides.
  • Air conditioning equipment, ducts, insulation and water pipes in the crawlspace stop sweating, leading to longer life and greater efficiency.
  • Floors become warmer in winter, and pipes no longer freeze.
  • Heating and cooling costs typically drop by over 15%, as proven by Department of Energy research.

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Realitive Humidity Graph

“The research project has shown that closed crawl spaces do a much better job of controlling crawl space moisture levels than do well-built wall-vented crawl spaces. While relative humidity in the wall-vented crawl spaces exceeds 80% for the majority of the spring and summer months, the closed crawl space designs control relative humidity below 65% during the same period.”

“The research also shows that the homes built on closed crawl spaces save up to 15% on annual energy usage for heating and cooling when compared to the homes built on wallvented crawl space foundations.”

“Properly closed crawlspaces are substantially drier and more energy efficient than well constructed, code-compliant, vented crawlspaces.”

Department Of Energy Seal

Advanced Energy/Department Of Energy Research Study


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