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Heating & Cooling Operating Cost Calculator


This Operating Cost Estimate tool is a great way to calculate and compare several different systems side-by-side.

  • Use the information tags on your current heating and cooling equipment to fill in the BTU Requirements fields.

Use the values below to fill in the energy cost for the greater Treasure Valley area in Idaho

  • Gas price = $ 0.71185 per therm (April-November)    $0.67822 per therm (December-March)
  • Leave Oil Cost = default value (unless you are planning on comparing operating cost of an oil heating system, then change to current market value of oil).
  • Electric Cost = $0.0857 for Summer (June-August)
  • Electric Cost = $0.0797 for Winter (September-May)

After the info in the left column is filled in, select your current system for the Base System and then select 1-3 Investment options to compare.

Call us if you have questions or need assistance finding this information.